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Varicose Vein and Spider Vein Natural Treatment – Veins Clear

When I look at the products available on the market for varicose vein and spider vein natural treatment I can’t help but be concerned that patients are victims of really good marketing of products that have no scientific studies to back up the claims. Of particular concern to me is Veins Clear. The wording on the promotional information suggests that the cream “may” help but in fact there is no evidence (from properly conducted clinical trials) that this product has ever helped anyone.

There is an alarming use of totally unsupported scientific claims (with clever use of the word “may”) in the Veins Clear promotional literature such as: “The Caruso’s Veins Clear formula may help strengthen your vein walls and improve blood circulation”, “whilst the Ruscus, Vitamin C and Hesperin found in Caruso’s Veins Clear have been included to help strengthen your capillaries and tighten your veins for better blood flow” and “Caruso’s Veins Clear may help strengthen and tighten your veins”. None of the suggested benefits on vein walls etc. has ever been established in the medical literature.

Also of interest is “100% Money Back Guarantee”. Hopefully “Caruso’s Veins Clear is guaranteed to meet our high quality standards and is made under strict manufacturing processes” because this is actually a requirement for a Complimentary Medicine in order to get TGA registration!

The Guarantee also applies to if you are not happy with the product but for a price of around $30, I suspect that most patients do not bother going through the process of seeking a refund when they don’t get a result as they just feel that they are one of the patients who it doesn’t work for.

If I come across anyone who has documented evidence that this product was of benefit then I’ll change my attitude but I have been waiting a long time and have not yet met that person!

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